Love ova Hate!

In these times of Pandemics and Social Distancing and World Change overall, many of us are being affected in various ways; negative, positive and in some cases, like myself, both. 

While we have to be vigilant and diligent, more importantly…


Worth Having and Wanting

"Whenever you do something, do it better than 100% and in a way that someone else can benefit; someone else will Love and Need what you do. Whenever you do something that reaches that status, it must be something good…


We are all amazing in every way

You’re Amazing in Every way, I’m Amazing in Every way... We are all amazing in every way. 

Society and Bad Mind try to blind us to how Amazing we All are as individuals, because as long as we know how…


We are bigger than that. We are Amazing!

There are many different souls on this earth of many colors and shades, including the plant life and what we call “Animals”, yet we are All unique. It is the fact we are all unique; have our own individual characteristics…


Do What You Love!

The most sincere vocalists or musicians I have ever known were always those who do not need to be paid to sing or play. We do it for the passion and the love and the feeling of being content from…